2021 Physics Undergrad. Summer Research Symposium

Giovanna Truong '23 (Credit: Yale Wright Laboratory/Victoria Misenti)
August 2, 2021

On July 27, 2021, ten undergraduate students who have been working in the Physics Department at Wright Lab over the summer each presented their research projects to an audience of about 40 of their peers, mentors, and community members. 

The event was a hybrid event, with presenters and audiences both in-person in the Wright Lab seminar room, according to University policies for in-person events during COVID-19, and on Zoom.  

The agenda included the following:

  • Sophia Getz (Reina Maruyama) Demonstration of the K-39 Rydberg State With EIT
  • Annie Giman (Reina Maruyama) Rydberg Atoms as Quantum Sensors for Dark Matter
  • Barkotel Zemenu (Dave Moore) Outgassing Measurements for potential nEXO samples (On the Search for “Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay”)
  • Juan Recoaro (Dave Moore) Optimal Position Tracking and Nuclear Recoil Measurements Using Optically Levitated Microspheres
  • Sarah Dickson (Dave Moore) Whispering Gallery Modes in Optically-Levitated Microspheres
  • Jian Chen  (Helen Caines) Correlation between Hard and Soft scale physics of Proton-Proton Collisions
  • Giovanna Truong (Jack Harris) Levitation
  • Robert Howard (Charlie Baltay) Classifying Halo RR Lyrae Stars to Better Understand Galactic Structure
  • Argyris Manes (Keith Baker) A Quantum Neural Network to detect flaws in the Thermal Profile of the Stave Cores for the ATLAS ITk at CERN
  • Matt King (Bonnie Fleming) Cross-Section of Pion Absorption in Liquid Argon

Three additional students who have been working at Wright Lab over the summer were unable to attend the event:  Daniel Qenani (Keith Baker), Marvin Durogene (Keith Baker) and Kohsuke Sato (Charles Baltay).