Undergraduate Research and Opportunities

  • Yale Undergraduate Research Database: A database with professors and past students who have worked with them.  Get in touch and ask your friends about their experience in the lab!  To add your research to the above, fill out this form.
  • Yale Fellowships: Yale offers many paid fellowships for undergraduates. There is one specifically for first-years and one for upperclassmen. This stipend pays for students to stay in New Haven over the summer, and conduct research with a faculty mentor of their choice.
  • STARS: The STARS programs offer fellowships, networking events, peer mentorship programs for underprivileged students in STEM. STARS is split into multiple programs: STARS I is a peer mentorship program for first-years, and STARS II is a two-year program that pays juniors and seniors to conduct research with a Yale faculty mentor. STARS Summer provides a stipend for STARS students to conduct summer research at Yale.
  • REUs: REUs are nationally funded research opportunities. Though competitive, REUs give you the opportunity to travel and do research at many great universities across the USA. There's dozens of schools that participate in REUs, so apply to as many or as few as you want.
  • DAAD Rise: DAAD Rise is a fully funded research opportunity sponsored by many different universities in Germany. If accepted, the program will pay for travel and a stipend. Applicants must be in their sophomore or junior, or senior year to apply. Note the application is due early, typically in December.
  • SROP: Lesser known program, but well worth applying to. One application will allow you to apply for research positions at UIUC, UMD, and many other universities.
  • SR-EIP: The SR-EIP program allows you to apply for research at Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, and many other universities. The program also includes other planning and graduate school preparation.
  • Perimeter: The Perimeter Institute has a two-week theoretical physics program, and summer research program available. Both programs use a combined application.
  • UArizona Winter School: The University of Arizona offers a five day long program in January, where invited students learn about optics, photonics, and workshop with professors.
  • NIFS OSSI: Students can apply for jobs and internships with NASA through this website.
  • NASA JPL: JPL, located in Pasadena, California, provides summer and year-round internships for university students. JPL provides a stipend as well as travel compensation.



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