Howard L. Schultz and DeForest Pioneer Prize recipients for Yale College Class of 2021

Top left to bottom right: India Bhalla-Ladd, Shoumik Chowdhury, Krish Desai, Gabe Hoshino, Shantanu Jha, Derek Kuldinow, Isabel Sands, and Sukhman Singh
June 2, 2021

Congratulations to India Bhalla-Ladd (Physics & Philosophy major), Shoumik Chowdhury (Mathematics & Physics major), Krish Desai (Mathematics (Intensive) major / Physics (Intensive) major), Gabe Hoshino (Physics (Intensive) major), Derek Kuldinow (Mechanical Engineering major / Physics (Intensive) major), Isabel Sands (Physics (Intensive) major), and Sukhman Singh (Mathematics & Physics major) for winning the Howard L. Schultz Prize awarded by the Physics Department.

Congratulations to Shantanu Jha (Mathematics & Physics major) for winning the DeForest Pioneer Prize awarded by the Yale Department of the Secretary.